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In our department, there are 4 computer labs, 1 electrical-electronics lab, and special labs dedicated to study groups, which are used in the applications of the courses, thesis studies, projects and research. Hardware and software systems are kept up-to-date in order to carry out modern computer and information technology activities. Thanks to wired and wireless network services, uninterrupted access to the internet is provided within the department.

Prof. Dr. Sinan Yılmaz Laboratory

There are 40 computers and 1 projector in this laboratory, which is open to the use of department students.


Ege Laboratory

There are 30 computers and 1 projector in this laboratory.


Sun Laboratory

There are 20 computers and 1 projector in this laboratory.


Electrical-Electronics Laboratory

In this laboratory, which is used in the applications of hardware lessons, there are many oscilloscopes, avometers, DC power supplies, signal generators, circuit elements, experiment sets and other laboratory materials.


Thesis Laboratory

It is used for research, thesis and projects carried out within the department.


Atilla Özerdim Laboratory

There are 10 computers in this laboratory. This laboratory, which is open during class hours on weekdays, can also be kept open at night and on weekends under the responsibility of the students.


Server Systems

In the department system room, there are many server systems built on different operating systems and serving different purposes.



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