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In addition to the courses offered in the Computer Engineering education plan for 8 semesters, there is also a mandatory minimum 4-week summer internship at the end of third grade. Internship is made between the dates that they select in public and private sector organizations found by the students, or abroad. As a department, in order to help our students to find an internship place, the contact information of the institutions where our students did their internship are kept and an information request form is sent to these organizations at the beginning of each academic year and the information sent by the organizations is announced to the students. In addition, some organizations may request intern from our department, and these demands are announced to our students and directed to these organizations.

Through the summer internship, students get to know the business environment before they graduate and when they graduate, they can easily find a job with the help of the experiences they have gained and the connections they have established.

Other Activities

Students can attend some studies, research, projects and courses in Ege University and Computer Engineering Department. Organized trips, picnics, sports and art festivals, tournaments and parties help students to develop socially. IEEE Ege Student Branch, Tayf Student Branch and Ege Computer Society, established in the department, also contribute to social and scientific activities.

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