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The Purpose of Computer Engineering Department

The Department of Computer Engineering provides training and research on the structure, development and effective use of computer systems. In these matters, educating computer engineers equipped with modern theoretical and practical knowledge is very important in order to be able to direct the economy. This task has undertaken by computer engineering departments of universities.

Education Duration and Taught Courses

The undergraduate education carried out in the Department of Computer Engineering is for 4 years except English preparatory class. In the first two years, mainly there are fundamental engineering and computer engineering courses. In the following two years, except courses which necessarily require to be taken related to computer engineering, technical elective courses have been put in place with the aim of enabling students to be directed to software or hardware subjects or to various fields of computer engineering. Additionally, there are also non-technical useful elective courses that may be needed for computer engineers. If the fact that graduates work in different areas of computer engineering is considered, the importance of the right choice which will be made in technical elective courses will be understood even better. The expenses of the students studying in the department are computer, computer parts, computer consumables, books and stationery expenses.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

At the end of undergraduate education, students who are successful are given a "Computer Engineer" diploma. Alumni of the department can have jobs like system analyst, application programmer, usually administrator in data processing centers, database administrator, co-founder and executive engineer, research and development engineer in the design and implementation of computer-aided industrial systems and so on. In addition, as academic staff at universities, while they are progressing academically, they may also get the chance to do a scientific study and research by contributing to education and training.

Working Areas, Job Finding and Earning Opportunity

The graduates of Computer Engineering Department have the opportunity to work in various public and private organizations operating in the management, education, industry, trade and service sectors, and in banks, universities, companies producing and marketing computer hardware. The graduates of E.U. Computer Engineering Department, with the knowledge and experience they have acquired, can find jobs with higher wages in a short period of time, in Izmir, in various regions of Turkey (especially in Istanbul) and abroad.

In recent years, our graduates have started to take part in various titles, in research institutes and R&D departments of companies, in the research and application areas of computer engineering, such as artificial intelligence, artificial neural networks, computer graphics, image processing, embedded system programming, mobile game programming, data mining. In addition to the development of information technology and other related technologies, the fields of study are also diversified.

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