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Programme Outcomes

  1. Ability to apply basic mathematic and computer science knowledge to computer engineering problems.

  2. Ability to detect, identify and resolve the problems in a string.

  3. Ability to design a system or a process to meet the requirements with modern design tools.

  4. Ability to identify and use the hardware and software solutions, suitable for requirements.

  5. Ability to analyse and interpret based on experiment, observation, application and reasoning.

  6. Ability to work individually, in disciplinary or multidisciplinary teams.

  7. Turkish written and verbal communication skills, to gain knowledge of foreign language to ensure progress in profession.

  8. With understanding the necessity of life-long learning, skills of being open to new awareness and self-renewal.

  9. Professional and moral responsibility to be conscious.

  10. To be able to plan and manage a poject, ability to understand the importance of the concepts such as entrepreneurship, innovation and so on in business life.

  11. The awareness of the problems of social, economic, environmental and so on of our age, to perform the profession of engineering with the responsibility brought with these awareness.

  12. To find creative and original solutionsand to produce alternative solutions with inquisitive mind.

  13. The development of personility trait such as self-confidence, stand up challenges, determination, patience.

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