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Programme Outcomes

Program Outcomes Valid as of the 2022-2023 Academic Year
  1. Knowledge of basic and technical concepts specific to mathematics, science and computer engineering; ability to use theoretical and applied knowledge in these fields in solving complex engineering problems.

  2. Ability to define, formulate and solve complex engineering problems in a computer engineering discipline; ability to select and apply appropriate analysis and modeling methods for this purpose.

  3. Ability to design a complex system, process, device or product in a computer engineering discipline specific to meet specific requirements under realistic constraints and conditions; ability to apply modern design methods specific to the discipline of computer engineering for this purpose.

  4. Ability to select and use modern techniques and tools specific to the computer engineering discipline required for the analysis and solution of complex problems encountered in engineering applications; ability to use information technologies effectively.

  5. Ability to design, conduct experiments, collect data, analyze and interpret results for solving complex engineering problems or investigating research topics specific to the computer engineering discipline.

  6. Ability to work effectively in disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teams; individual working skills.

  7. Ability to communicate effectively in Turkish and English verbal and written; ability to write effective reports and understand written reports, prepare design and production reports, make effective presentations, give and receive clear and understandable instructions.

  8. Awareness of the necessity of lifelong learning; ability to access written and digital information, follow developments in science and technology, and constantly renew oneself.

  9. Knowledge of ethical principles, professional and ethical responsibility, and standards used in applications specific to the computer engineering discipline.

  10. Knowledge of project management, risk management, change management, sustainable development and business practices; awareness of entrepreneurship, innovation.

  11. Knowledge of the effects of engineering practices on health, environment and safety in universal and social dimensions and the problems of the age reflected in the field of engineering; awareness of the legal consequences of solutions specific to the computer engineering discipline.

Program Outcomes Valid Until 2022-2023 Academic Year
  1. Gaining the basic concepts and technical knowledge that will enable to carry out professional studies and the ability to apply basic mathematic and computer science knowledge to computer engineering problems. Ability to apply basic computer science knowledge to computer engineering problems and to use it in conducting professional studies.

  2. Ability to identify, define and analyze problems in an existing system.

  3. Ability to design a system or a process with modern design tools to meet the desired requirements.

  4. Ability to identify and use hardware and software solutions suitable for requirements.

  5. Ability to conduct experiments, design experiments, observe, analyze and interpret based on practice and reasoning.

  6. Ability to work individually, in disciplinary or multidisciplinary teams.

  7. Ability to communicate in Turkish written and verbal, to gain knowledge of a foreign language in a way that will ensure the advancement in the profession.

  8. Ability to renew oneself with the awareness of being open to innovations by understanding the necessity of lifelong learning.

  9. To have professional and moral responsibility awareness.

  10. Ability to plan and manage project; ability to comprehend the importance of concepts such as entrepreneurship, innovation, etc. in business life.

  11. Awareness about the social, economic, environmental, etc. problems of our age and realizing the engineering profession with the sense of responsibility brought by this awareness.

  12. Ability to find creative and original solutions by thinking inquisitively, produce alternative solutions and present global ideas.

  13. Developing personality traits such as self-confidence, not being afraid of difficulties, determination, patience.


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