Insubria Üniversitesi'nde (İtalya) Doktora pozisyonu

24/04/2018 (All day)
Aşağıda yer alan doktora programına başvurmak isteyen ve yüksek lisansını Eylül'2018 itibarı ile tamamlayacak öğrenciler ayrıntılı bilgi için Dr. Öğretim üyesi Özgü CAN ile görüşebilirler.

PhD positions at the University of Insubria (Italy) on cybersecurity, privacy and blockchain technology.

The StrictSocialab, head by Prof. Elena Ferrari ( is based at University of Insubria, Varese, Italy.  Our research interests are mainly on cybersecurity and privacy, with a current focus on Big Data, Iot, and blockchain.


We are  looking for good and higly motivated Phd students to work in our group starting from October 1st. Up to now, we have 5 Phd students, 1 Italian student and the other from abroad. The Phd programme in Italy  has some differences w.r.t. the US style. Our Phd programme lasts 3 years. To enter the Phd programme there is a qualification exam that will be mid/end September . A master degree is required at the time of the qualification exam.  English is the official language of the Phd, so knowledge of Italian is not required. The exam can be done remotely (through skype).    The salary is approx. 1.200 euro per month after taxes, and includes a waiver to the tuition fees. More details can be found at Students interested in this opportunity can send their resume to elena dot ferrari at unisubria dot it. More information can be asked to the same email address.



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